Dog training tracker

Looking at my surroundings and taking from my personal experience, I came up with Guautrack while I was practicing Agillity with my husky. I also wanted to learn Figma and to use the basics of the tool. After a year of training I discovered many skills to teach my dog and it was the reason which is why I realised the lack of a tool to catch: skill command words, homework progress or teacher explanations.

My role

I work on UX design, UI design, built the product from zero, version control, scalability with a pattern library and user testing. This project is improving.

Researching & definition

In the brainstorming I did, I gathered some ideas and functionalities: tagging media per skill, writing down commands of each skill, learning by levels, building content with practice, tracking training, sharing structured skills with its explanations, using content made by professionals…

After I benchmark of similar apps, training apps and apps where user plays media, I realise the value of this idea:

    • A journal where to record pet learning and to see statistics and media of its development.
    • Built a learning from 0, a custom training that grows with training recordings.
  • Share the created skill with other users to practice it.

Nowadays the app is made to record and to share training with others, but it is considered to have a system that allows trainers to upload content and students use it. 

Dynamic, energetic and accompanying users in learning, it is the Guautrack UI. Analysing colors, which I had in mind to represent the dynamic and energetic feelings I became with the following palette:

New skill

The workflow was the next step I took. It was centered in the dog skill list, the ones that he is learning or learnt; and the onboarding of the first training. A Natural and simple UX, which walks with users in the discovering. It allows create new training, to document it and to activate clicker.

Main view of the app is the skill list, each skill item has the useful and essential information: skill name, the level (in the case it has it), commands and timing. 

I detected two objectives why people would like to use it: 

  • As a journal, a platform to record skills and to attach visual content, like videos and photos.
  • As a tool to create structured learning, with levels. From a professional or creating on your own with the trainings.

Skill list

Detailed skill

Useful clicker tool

Guatrack provides a digital clicker, a good tool to teach dogs with positive reinforcement. This gives a chance to practice at any time. It simulates two versions of the click sound too.

Building a completed profile.

Guautrack transforms all content  in a complete pet profile with statistics, where the learning is summarized and the joining is grown between owner and housepet. 

Tracking while you enjoy with your pet friend.

It is a fact that training will give both, your dog and you, a great connection and in the dog an improvement in its concentration and mental health. The app tracks the advance, recording spent time and adding visual material, like videos or photos.