Lis García Calvo

Product designer, lover of good design in which users have good feelings and perfect experiences.

Since I was a little girl, my life has been always directed by art, design and creativity. Before I could even talk, I was playing music, dancing and I also took painting courses which built a real path to my studies and my future.

Five years ago I began in the Marketing department at Quobis, working as a graphic designer, web designer and building webs in html/css and WordPress. After a year I had the opportunity to do some designs in Quobis product interface. Being the only company designer, it was a challenge, and it still is, to achieve the recognition of the added value that design rol puts in a product creation. In addition I spent two years between Marketing and product design, ending in a 90% of UX and UI design.

My current role involves taking into account the adaptable value of the product, and designing features that can be used for a huge range of sectors with more or less knowledge in communication technology. I’m a key part in Quobis’s Unified Communication product that is formed by two products, a management and a communication platform. They are delivered through browser and native. As the only designer I rely on the Design System, which I created and I’m still improving, and in cross-functional work, which allows me to get different points of views, feedback or concerns from stakeholders (developers, users, product managers, marketing…). I also participate in consultant projects that mean facing clients, defining requirements, researching, wireframing, prototyping or building a custom Design system for them.

I can be part of the complete designing process from the kick off to define requirements, when we work on consultant projects, to achieve the best feature first approach or an improvement, using my ux knowledge, my technical experience or my UI skills basing on a business requirement. I said approach, because nothing is grave in stone, I believe that time progresses trends and usage, I can’t look for the irrefutable perfect solution. In addition I should deliver a suitable solution.

The 5 years of experience at Quobis, and my inquisitiveness, give me the ability to empower my work and to strengthen the product, where knowledge or skills became the tool to achieve it. I adapt my skills to project requirements, therefore I have fluency in a number of design tools (sketch, Figma, Abstract, Invision, Adobe Suite including production softwares like After effects, Origami… ), knowledge in ux research (benchmark, personas, interviews, surveys, techniques to define product… ) and basic programing skills (HTML, CSS, JS, WordPress…). I like challenges and new knowledge, but I have to reckon I can’t deny my visual background and I’m cozy and agile in defining features around the interface.

I would like to end talking about me outside of the office. I’m a familiar person and calm, who don`t like to lose time. So I do Crossfit, trekking and agility; I spend time reading, taking photos and working in my personal brand (Linkedin and portfolio); I watch series on Netflix and sometimes I try pastry-making.

Lis García