Lis García Calvo

Product designer, lover of good design in which users have good feelings and perfect experiences.

Since I was a little girl, my life has been always directed by art, design and creativity. Before I could even talk, I was playing music, dancing and I also took painting courses which built a real path to my studies and my future.

Almost five years ago I began in the Marketing department at Quobis, working as a graphic designer, web designer and building webs in html/css and WordPress. After a year I had the opportunity to do some designs in Quobis product interface. Being the only company designer, it was a challenge, and it still is, to achieve the recognition of the added value that design rol puts in a product creation. In addition I spent two years between Marketing and product design, ending in a 90% of UX and UI design. 

This percentage is about managing the interface designs, with user experience as the cornerstone of every project. Working not only on its products, both apps and websites, but also in other company departments and on external consulting projects. Playing a key role in idea generation and creating plans for their implementation. Providing assistance in the definition period and mock up interfaces while taking user and system philosophy into consideration, including material design, iOS guidelines and responsiveness for websites. I always aim to achieve a balance between the user, the business and the developer. Furthermore, I maintain the Design System (documentation and Sketch libraries) and update product versions with the aid of Abstract and Sketch.

In retrospect, in these 5 yearsI have grown a lot,  from design marketing material to managing the UX and UI design of responsive webs and native apps. I accomplished this change thanks to the knowledge I got and  I am getting in: books, talking with professionals of different disciplines, courses, events and a postgraduate degree in UX and usability. 

It is needed a continued learning in the era we are in, which is developing at a very fast pace. I am keen on improving my skills and acquiring fundamental resources to allow me to give solutions in keeping with market challenges.

I reckon I am not a conformist person, I like the challenges that improve my professional skills and to work until arriving at the adjusted solution to each case. Between UX and UI I am cozy interface designing, but it doesn’t mean to forget about UX. I think UX is the cornerstone of every project and one of the sources from where UI starts and grows.

I can define myself as a: team player with experience defining and coordinating projects between stakeholders (mainly product manager and developers), collaborative tools implementation, applying Dev process in design and setting goals.

In my workaday the tools I usually use: Sketch (library and cloud), Abstract, Illustrator, Photoshop, workflow, benchmark, Atlassian, user-research (protopersonas, personas, user interviews..), prototype test and the word, to have everyone on the same page during the product development. 

I also know about: Invision, Figma, After Effects, Premier, Indesign,, Origami Studio, systematic design and some UX tools to analyse market, product,  business and trends.

I would like to end talking about me outside of the office. I’m a familiar person and calm, who don`t like to lose time. So I do Crossfit, trekking and agility; I spend time reading, taking photos and working in my personal brand (Linkedin and portfolio); I watch series on Netflix and sometimes I try pastry-making.