Sippo ecco

Creating a unique experience

Quobis rights
enero 2, 2019

Sippo ecco was created to accommodate telco services in a mobile-focused easy-to-use application for residentials and enterprises. The main objective to achieve was give to the users a simple tool, at which they will be able to communicate  through chat, voice call and video call, in one to one or groups. A powerful platform tool that will have in it backend a wide range of customization (more details about it here )

This project is still growing and changing, thanks to users. What I want here is to show how it was thought and some news.

My role

Prototyping, UX design, UI design, built the product from zero, version control, scalability with a pattern library and prospects of a DSM.


An app for telco services, which was developed in term of UX and UI to adapt content and experience to a tablet or phone.

It helps user to call or chat with their contacts, whether it may come from (email contact, phone number, enterprise directory), and using WebRTC technology.

No agenda just conversations

First of all we’ve tried to clean as much as possible the user experience. Taking from the device the contacts and focusing just on conversations, it allowed us to skip form the idea to have an agenda section.  So to find or to add a contact user only have to: click on search icon, start to type and contacts appear. It is the recent actions (chats and calls) what the app shows.

Conversations with user’s contacts 

When a recent action is opened a panel shows like an user history activity, showing a notifications, call buttons and a chat conversation. For example a field to send chats, some details about the added participants, a button to start a call (video or voice) or to join more people.

From a chat to a call

Nowadays communications aren’t just messages, we like to talk in live with our friends. In addition app gives to users the possibility to make a call with video or just voice. But sometimes they would like to call more than one, the app lets them to join contacts and watch them all together in one tap.

Adaptation of devices

Facing the new product requirement, which it was have a tablet version, we realized that we have more screen and space. So we can’t just put the list of contact or open the chat as full screen. We should take in account the size of the device and playing with different components without loosing app essence.

Two to one or one to two

The choice was to give the user the possibility to keep the list of recent activities and let them interact between both sizes. Moreover they have the possibility to full screen the chat, detailed info or calls and to focus in.

More decisions 

This was a UI work to decide how components would be like in the different use cases and device positions. For example in landscape and keyboard open, the content that we can read is too less, or in details of a conversation in landscape.

Exploring new human behaviors

in mobile devices

Ipad version

Phone version


Multi-selection was an important issue for the app. What we have in mobile device was a popup with a search to find contacts. Even more to delete a contact trough its contact details, user can’t delete several conversations at once. This was a little be annoying and it took time.

Having two areas was a new point of view, because we can keep press in left side (recent conversation area) and we can send new participants to an open chat or call, or just create a group, or to delete conversations. User has hand in hand the most recent contacts/conversations and all interactions to contact with them

The new functionality that we had already added to the tablet version, we also wanted  as a new feature for mobile version. So we transformed the multi-selection component as a collapsable element, because of the lack of space in mobile.

DSM builded for Sippo ecco

For this huge project a pattern library was created. It is still growing and transforming to become a complete DSM.