mayo 19, 2017
Quobis rights

IWIK app was created for those technicians which are always moving to client location, to give them support or to do an installation. The purpose is to create a tool that covers the information and the support technicians need in its work.

My role

UX research, UI design,

Built the product from zero

Branding here


An app for technicians which helps them to deal with its daily tasks in different locations. Adapted to tablet and phone, the most used devices by technicians.

Access to support 

This tool isn’t just a schedule app, it allows to connect directly to a remote expert or to the client with a voice call, email message, or video call with sharing video with him/her, drawing over the video to mark problems and keeping the incoming call even when the user is surfing through the app.

Through an adaptive tool

It is simple and efficiency. It only has a handy and changeable agenda with a default detailed page for tasks. This detailed page, which it is the same for every task, can be customize to display the blocks of information, through the grid, which users will need.