Careers website

Quobis rights

This project was a complete re-design of Quobis careers page. They want a unique place where user could apply for an open position or an internship, and moreover a place where introduce de company, the benefits and show the company environment.

To achieve this goal I had to think in user, but mostly in the one who will enrich the content and continuously. In addition I worked with Toolset plugin to built the structure in WordPress admin part and to join with the code in the specific php “careers” page.




On the other hand a normal user, who is looking for an open position or an internship, but in the same page. Therefore the first thing we find is a panel, which helps users to focus on the target and manage the traffic. However user could do scroll and glance the page, to catch an idea about the company, so the all page has a narrative and user can discover new things scrolling. Each section explains different benefits and information relate to Quobis.

The result is above and in


My role

Research, UX / UI designer for page maintenance (admin) and user experience, prototype and front-end.

Tools: Benchmark, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, php, Toolset plugin and css3/html5.